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Other Partners

Applied History Initiative


Applied History, the practice of bringing historical perspective to bear on current dilemmas and conflicts.

Patty Limerick has been “turning hindsight into foresight” by conjuring up innovative strategies to convey deeper understandings and reflections, on Western issues to a wide range of public audiences. After decades of field-testing these strategies and techniques, she is well-positioned to invite emerging scholars into a promising and expansive domain of historical practice. The Applied History Initiative offers young historians the opportunity to cultivate new skills and build a community of support.

Materials Science and Engineering Program (MSE)


The Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Program is an interdisciplinary Ph.D. and M.S. program aimed at providing a rigorous education in materials science and engineering and the fundamental physics, engineering, chemistry and biology that underlie this discipline. Educational goals are achieved through both coursework and training in cross-disciplinary research supervised by one or more science and engineering faculty members.


Serve as a campus-wide resource for materials research and education activities, bringing together faculty from across the UCB campus to leverage expertise and facilities, promoting impactful research in materials science and engineering and enhancing Departmental materials research efforts as well as materials-related efforts that are a part of current campus initiatives and programs such as space science/aerospace engineering, energy systems, renewable and sustainable energy, biotechnology, biomedicine and geosciences;

Create a vibrant materials science research and engineering program that is both highly visible within the UCB community and internationally recognized;

Recruit, train and graduate outstanding doctoral students with degrees in both MSE and the various disciplinary UCB Departments pursuing materials research;

Attract outstanding faculty to the MSE Program and its participating departments;

Support, organize and develop world-class major instrumentation, shared facilities and infrastructure that enables outstanding materials research; and

Catalyze the pursuit of block funding in the materials research arena through coordination of interdisciplinary materials research teams, and fostering of Centers and major collaborations.

Mortenson Center in Global Engineering


The Mortenson Center combines education, research, and partnerships to improve development tools and practice. We train engineers to recognize the issues at the core of development challenges, and collaborate with partners across the CU-Boulder campus and the world to create sustainable, scalable, evidence-based and multidisciplinary solutions to global development problems. Our program provides multiple pathways for engineers to enter the field of development engineering.


Among engineering professionals, create awareness of developing world issues and provide the knowledge and tools necessary to work in the fields of community recovery and development.

Promote research, design and development of holistic solutions for developing communities that account for technical and non-technical issues.

Build local community capacity through collaboration with organizations working in developing communities worldwide.