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Reservation Calendar

The SEEC reservation calendar uses CU's Federated Identity Service for authentication. A CU Login Name and IdentiKey password are required to access the calendar.

If you do not have a CU IdentiKey account, have questions about an existing reservation or need additional assistance in making a reservation, please email Katie Lamb at

If you encounter an error while using the reservation calendar, please email Troy Burke at

Download Rental Agreement & Fee Schedule

Download SEEC Space User Responsibilities Acceptance Form

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Open SEEC Reservation Calendar

How to use the SEEC Reservation Calendar

Signing In

Use your CU Login Name and IdentiKey password to sign in to the calendar application at If you are already signed in to the myCUinfo portal or other university application that uses the Federated Identity Service, you will not have to sign in and will be taken directly to the reservation application homepage.


Homepage - Dashboard

The reservation application defaults to the "Dashboard" view. This is the quickest way to create a reservation if you know the room and time you would like to request. Just click the "Create Reservation" link next to the appropriate room.

In addition to the "Dashbord" view, you can select either the "Bookings" or "Calendar" views to see and make reservations. To change views, use the main navigation menu. Mouseover the "Schedule" tab and click on either "Bookings" or one of the calendar views. "My Bookings" display a calendar showing only reservations that you have created. "Resource Calendar" displays ALL reservations.

Homepage - Bookings

The "Bookings" view is the most detailed. It shows all reservations by hour for every room for each day of the week. Click and drag to begin creating a reservation in this view. Mouseouver existing reservations for details.

Homepage - Calendar

The "Calendar" view is the most familiar format for viewing and making reservations. The calendar defaults to monthly view, but you can also view by week and day. Mouseover reservations to view details.

The calendar view can be filtered by room, schedule, or other resource. Make your selection using the dropdown box centered above the calendar. The view will automatically refresh.

To create a reservation in the calendar view, click on the desired day, but not on an existing reservation. A small popup window will display, click the "Create Reservation" link.

Creating a Reservation

First, check to make sure that the correct room/resource is listed. It appears near the top of the form under the text "Resources to be reserved". You may add additional rooms and resources to a reservation (see below). Depending on how you entered the create reservation screen you may need to update the desired start time/date and end time/date. Make sure to check those carefully. Your reservation also requires a short title and description, department/organization, number of attendees (estimate is fine), and acceptance of user responsibilities. If your reservation is for an event that requires parking, composting bins or will serve alcohol, make the appropriate selections. Click the "Create" button to save your reservation. Note, the system will not allow a reservation to be made if there is an existing conflict.

Repeating Reservation

Do not make an individual reservation for each occurence of a meeting or event that repeats. Use the repeat event selections when creating your reservation. First, select the period (daily, weekly, monthly). Second, select the frequency and, if weekly, the day(s) of week. Third, enter the last date the event will repeat.

Update Resources

To add/remove resources to your reservation, click the "More Resources" link near the top of the form under the text "Resources to be reserved". Check the applicable boxes and click the "Done" button. Don't forget to click the "Update" button to save the changes to your reservation.

Account Settings for Default View and Notifications

You can customize your default view (screen displayed after signing in) and email notification settings. To change your default homepage view, click on "My Account" in the main navigation bar and select from the four choices listed in the dropdown under "Default Homepage". Click the "Update" button to save your changes.

To update your email notification settings, mouseover "My Account" in the main navigation bar and click on "Notification Preferences". Make your selections and click the "Update" button to save your changes.

Default Homepage

Notification Preferences

User Responsibilities

Please review and acknowledge your agreement with the following rules in order for your reservation to be confirmed:

  • Do not tape signage to ANY doors, walls or windows.
  • Do not move ANY furniture out of the conference room; you will be charged for replacements if furniture is missing.
  • Report any A/V issues or broken furniture immediately.
  • Turn off all flat screen displays.
  • Turn off all projectors.
  • Wipe down the tables and chairs if you serve food during your meeting.
  • Return furniture to the original configuration.
  • Clean up all spills and report them so that appropriate cleaning can be scheduled, hopefully before a stain becomes permanent.
  • Remove all trash. Take ALL pizza boxes and any full trash/recycle bags to the loading dock. Do not leave any trash bags in the hallway or lobby.
  • If you used a caterer, including (and particularly) the UMC, supervise their pick up and clean up. Do not count on your caterer to be your clean-up crew.
  • Turn off lights and make sure all doors are closed after your event.

Failure to abide by this agreement will result in a minimum charge of $100 to your department or program, up to the full cost of replacement of missing items or any additional cleaning.