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Like most Americans, you’re probably concerned about global climate change. And maybe a bit overwhelmed too. Many of us have put off taking significant action or even when we did, felt we should do more.

But the reality is that we each have so much we can do. Let’s start by putting pressure on our elected representatives and then follow that up with additional actions. Add up all the choices we make in a year or a lifetime - multiplied by all the people we influence along the way - and we have real impact.

For this website, the Sustainability, Energy and Environment Community (SEEC) answers the questions most frequently asked by those willing to act. What are the most important actions for us to take? What’s doable? What’s next? And how can we find out without reading through multiple lengthy sources?

Simple or in-depth

Act on Climate uses a layered approach that condenses actions into simple priorities. Stop there, or explore actions that interest you the most. Want to dig even deeper? Our actions link to recent research and detailed resources on the topic. Developed with the help of social scientists, the website focuses its message in a way that is easy to relate to.


The website was developed with the help of climate scientists. The discussion of actions is factual and dependable, with links to recent supporting research. Short, plain-language summaries of the science and expected effects of climate change link to more in-depth reading. “My story” sections give examples of how our scientists practice what we preach.


The website includes important actions to advance justice and resilience, topics often left out of online climate resources.

We'll be joining you in picking actions, regardless of whether you're starting from scratch or have already accomplished a lot.

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